Christmas in April on Hallmark Channel

Heads up Christmas fans, Hallmark Channel will be airing The Christmas Card this Friday, April 7th at 8pm ET!

The Christmas Card was the “Meow Madness Christmas Bracket” Movie Champion, chosen by viewers.

Christmas in April on Hallmark Channel

Only 38 more weeks until Christmas…

4 thoughts on “Christmas in April on Hallmark Channel

  1. As part of the “Christmas Card Project”, my students viewed Hallmark’s “The Christmas Card” and wrote letters to service men and women who are serving overseas from our area. It was a wonderful movie for my high school students and it ignited real conversations about relationships, love, and the importance of writing letters and sending cards to those who are isolated or in need of community support.

  2. The movie is better than average, but it’s not the best. The bracket people must have had a little too much egg nog, I think.

  3. An outstanding movie that I have watched every year.It conveys traditions of family, goodwill and love which are the values of Christmas season!

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