Borrowed Hearts (1997)

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Sam Field is a single, powerful businessman about to close the biggest deal of his career with industrialist Javier Del Campo, a self-proclaimed family man. To impress Javier during his holiday visit, Sam convinces single mom Kathleen and her daughter to pose as his family for cash Kathleen desperately needs.

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Roma Downey, Eric McCormack, Shawn Thompson, Janet Bailey

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25 thoughts on “Borrowed Hearts (1997)

  1. i would like to know what the name of the movie. Its about the tractor company that they send a guy to to shut down. he gets stuck in a snow storm. wrecks his car and a lady saves him and he stays at her house until she finds out he is there to shut down the company and she will lose her job.

  2. My daughter & I used to watch it every x-mas time when it 1st came out, after all these yrs it’s still one of my favorites. Plz show, now my young nieces want to watch it.

    1. Reading all these request for the movie Borrowed Hearts is anybody listening for I to would love to see this great movie this year. Thank you for your time and considerationof this matter

      1. Evidently NO ONE is listening about all the requests to air Borrowed Hearts!!! Can we complain some where else where someone might listen?? It has always been my favorite & from reading all these comments seems to be a lot of people’s favorite. But it doesn’t look like we are going to see it this year & if they air it, it will probably be like at 2 am!!!

        1. Hi Dotty, I believe CBS owns the rights to the movie. Quite a few older movies are not being aired this year, very disappointing for sure. I would recommend everyone write to Hallmark to see if there is any way they can secure rights to air it next year. They seem to be better about airing older ones.

          1. Good idea Mrs. Clause to contact Hallmark because nothing is being done on the Family channel! I just may have to do that. Another idea is to buy the DVD at Amazon…….I know they have it cause i have checked it out just in case.

  3. I watched this movie every year It’s the best! I said if I ever had a baby girl I was going to name her Zoie. At the age of 48 my dream came true. I had a baby girl and I named her Zoie. I bought the DVD so she could see who she was named after. My daughter is 10 now and we watch it together!!!!

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