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Matchmaker Santa (2012)

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07/06/14 – 12:00am on Hallmark Channel
07/06/14 – 10:00am on Hallmark Channel
07/10/14 – 2:00am on Hallmark Channel
07/10/14 – 10:00pm on Hallmark Channel

Movie Summary

Baker Melanie Hogan’s romantic holiday plans with her workaholic boyfriend go awry when a chance meeting with a mysterious Santa strands her and her boyfriend’s best friend Dean in a charming small town. There, Melanie finds her lost Christmas spirit and starts to see that the man of her dreams may not be her boyfriend after all.

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Lacey Chabert, Elizabeth Ann Bennett, Nikki Hahn, Florence Henderson

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5 Responses to Matchmaker Santa (2012)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the cast, but the story line is awful. It makes Santa manipulative and deceitful. The only way the two characters are falling in love is because Santa changes what may have happened with the original couple. He is also making the original boyfriend out to be a lire in the girlfriends’ eyes and the co-worker/friends eyes. And then to put the two characters in the Honeymoon Suite – when they aren’t a married, let a lone a couple.

  2. beverly k says:

    It was a fun movie and male’s you feel good, and the best santa ever.thank you hallmark. Hope this will soon be available on dvd

    • Tina says:

      Does anyone know when this will come out?? I really want this movie. I totally agree with most of you. It’s a feel good movie and I absolutely love it. Hallmark please bring this on DVD!!

  3. donnq L says:

    Love the movie, one of my holiday favorites. Also hope it will be available on DVD soon. That green coat that Lacey Chabert wears in the movie is adorable. Where is one like it available?

  4. diane m says:

    I love this movie. The characters are funny and I happen to love the story line. Santa didn’t lie, Santa just knew that the original couple were all wrong for each other. Obviously anonymous takes things alittle to seriously. This is a fun/romantic, feel good Christmas movie. And buh humbug to anonymous.

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