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The Bishop’s Wife (1947)

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2014 Dates, Times, and Channels

11/06/14 – 3:30pm on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
11/07/14 – 7:30am on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
11/10/14 – 7:00am on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Movie Summary

Struggling to raise funds for a new cathedral, a preoccupied young clergyman has neglected his loving wife Julia, and now only divine intervention can save their marriage! But the powerful and handsome angel sent from above has a mind of his own and teaching mortal Henry an immortal lesson in romance isn’t all he’s got planned!

Is it available on DVD?

Yes. The Bishop’s Wife at Amazon.comThe Bishops Wife (1947)

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Cast Includes

Cary Grant, Loretta Young, David Niven, James Gleason, Monty Woolley

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One Response to The Bishop’s Wife (1947)

  1. The Bishops Wife was the best Christmas movie I have seen. I saw it for the first time with my mother and we loved it….Thank you

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