Undercover Christmas (2003)

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Jake Cunningham is an uptight FBI agent assigned to protect Brandi O’Neill, a cocktail waitress who recently helped the tax fraud investigation of her billionaire boyfriend. When Jake’s wealthy parents unexpectedly call him home for the holidays, and Jake must bring Brandi along.

Is it available on DVD?


Undercover Christmas is not available on DVD and has not aired on TV since 2011. As far as we know, CBS owns the rights in the USA to air to this movie. We encourage everyone to contact them directly. Perhaps if enough of us do, they will consider airing it in the future.

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Jami Gertz, Shawn Christian, Tyne Daly, Cameron Bancroft, Winston Rekert

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51 thoughts on “Undercover Christmas (2003)

    1. Undercover Christmas was not a Hallmark movie I think it was shown on Lifetime Christmas movies. I do have the dvd and it is titled Undercover Lover🎄

  1. Please show this movie this year. I’ve been waiting forever to see it. What’s the problem? I can’t even purchase this movie. Why?

  2. Undercover Christmas is mine and my mom’s favorite Christmas movie. Please re-play. I’ve tried to buy it on eBay and Amazon and got ripped off. The movie only plays on a computer and it is very poor quality. Please consider, its a great movie with wonderful celebrities.

  3. I have been waiting and looking for Undercover Christmas for a lot of years and haven’t found it anywhere.
    PLEASE show this great 2003 movie. Thanks for your consideration.

  4. Please show Undercover Christmas this year – it’s my favorite holiday movie and I seem to be in good company. If there’s a legal reason it can’t be shown (or sold as a dvd), could someone respond and let us know so we’ll stop searching for it? Thank you.

  5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show UNDERCOVER CHRISTMAS this year. This is my favorite Christmas movie and I haven’t seen it in years.

  6. Is there a legal issue here as to why this movie is not again this year being aired?! No DVD and not on the air in several years. Something up with the copy rights?

    1. I would love to see it aired this year as well. I love this movie and have been looking for it to be aired the past year or two and can never find it.

  7. I wish you would put Undercover Christmas on DVD or air it at Christmas since so many people would love to see it , my daughter and i love this movie!!!

  8. I am so disappointed in the Family Channels Christmas movies this year. Hardly any of the old favorites I like.
    I am so sick of seeing Elf, Fred Claus, Santa Claus 3, Elf, and Elf, and then again. Next year bring back the favorites like Undercover Christmas, The Twelve Dates of Christmas (which played once at 6:30 in the morning!) I hope with a new name next year its better for the viewers.

  9. Another Christmas without Undercover Christmas??? It’s my favorite Christmas movie ever, and judging by the previous comments, I’m not the only one! If it can’t be shown on air for some reason, why can’t it be released as a DVD?

  10. My mother and I search frantically in 2014 trying to find “Undercover Christmas.” To no avail, it wasn’t aired. Please, please do whatever to air it this Christmas. Thank you and have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!!

  11. Please release this movie I love it so much and have watched it at least 10 times and then you stopped showing
    it at least bring it back. But I really would love to have it

  12. PLEASE PLEASE make Undercover Christmas available on DVD i have searched everywhere to try and find it, It is a great movie and i missed it last year please make it available on DVD i think it will be a hot sale, i already have purchased most all the others already, i enjoy watching them year round because they deal with family values and that beats whats on TV these days. Please email me if you make it available for purchase. Thank you!

  13. two years now and still no “undercover christmas”! WHY??? if this is supposedly a top Hallmark movie than why is it not being shown????

  14. Why won’t someone air “Undercover Christmas” again? I don’t understand if so many people want to see it why they won’t show it!


  16. I absolutely ADORE this movie, Jami Gertz is one of my all time favorite actresses. Though I was fortunate enough to have someone dvr it for me, I’m afraid it will wear out! PRETTY PLEASE put it out on DVD!!

  17. Undercover Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas movies and am now just finding out that it isn’t even available on dvd and it was first shown on the lifetime channel in 2003 and it’s now 2015. other movies are available within months on dvd. This is an awesome movie which wasn’t even shown last year and owning this movie is a must. Does anyone know if this movie can be recorded from youtube or only watched? If someone at lifetime is able and can, please have this movie made available on dvd asap!

  18. Undercover Christmas, not seeing it on the schedule to see this Christmas. Please put this on dvd,
    so I can buy to have every year!
    Thank you!

  19. Please, please, please put on Undercover Christmas on this year…it is so much fun to watch and Jami is a real joy to see. The newer shows are very plain and are not as quirky at Undercover Boss. Get with the Holiday Spirit and put it on for 2014

  20. I wonder how long it takes for TV movies to be put on DVD, for instance Undercover Christmas, The Snow Goose, and Saint Maybe

  21. Putting Undercover Christmas with Shawn Christian on DVD would be awesome. Undercover Christmas is a great movie that the whole family loves. It would be wonderful to have it on DVD.

  22. I would like to jump on the band wagon in support of Undercover Christmas. This is a great Christmas movie – a favorite! I’ve never found an answer as to why it wasn’t released on DVD and would like to know if it ever will be.

  23. Please add this to your Christmas movies this year 2014 PLEASE !!! One of my all time favorites … I searched last year so hard looking for it PLEASE Thank You so much ..

  24. PS: Since you and many stations have ran over and over and over the same movies this Christmas 2013 at this point why do you not just pull ones we have seen over and over and over and put Undercover Christmas in and some others older that where good. Not all are young age, some older would enjoy some of the not so modern movies for that is what some have is TV. I like most, but you got to gear to all. These new shows just leaves older people in unfair way for they pay top money for cable, they watch your station and a lot does not know how to do DVD/VCR or DVR. So think of that generation.

    1. We agree Judy, networks mistakenly think everyone has access to DVR which is not true. This year has lacked many of the older favorites, hopefully 2014 is better 🙂

  25. Why will you not show some of the older Christmas movies. I and reading many likes Undercover Christmas, plus others from 90′ up through 2000’s. Please if cannot show 2013 Christmas put in these movies I am talking about for 2014 or when you do Christmas in summer 2014. Thank you!

    1. this is one of my favorite Christmas show. Iv’e tried to see this show all season because AT&T uverse does not have the Hallmark channel. Please put it on DVD,

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