Hallmark Channel’s beloved “Countdown To Christmas,” will return in November 2014 with 12 new movies of Christmas!

Hallmark Channel’s beloved “Countdown To Christmas,” will return in November 2014 with 12 new movies of Christmas!

Hallmark Channel’s beloved “Countdown To Christmas,” will return in November 2014 with 12 new movies of Christmas!Hallmark Channel’s beloved “Countdown To Christmas,” the #1 most treasured holiday destination by television viewers, returns and is bigger than ever with 12 new movies of Christmas and more than 1200 hours of quality family-friendly holiday themed programming.

Capitalizing on the success of last year’s “Countdown To Christmas,” where Hallmark Channel claimed the #1 movie of the week for seven consecutive weeks, the network will once again gift viewers with holiday-themed programming 24/7 beginning on Saturday, November 1st 2014.

As the industry’s holiday leader in original movies, specials and fan favorites, Hallmark Channel will build upon the success of last year’s robust campaign and bring audiences 12 new Original Holiday Movie World Premieres, a Hallmark Hall of Fame World Premiere and an even larger collection of viewers’ favorite holiday movies and specials.

New titles for 2014 include:

Angel On My Tree
Premieres: Saturday, November 1, 2014 at 8pm ET

Cowboy For Christmas
Premieres: Saturday, November 15, 2014 at 8pm ET

Premieres: Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 8pm ET

We can’t wait! 🙂



  • John Flavin says:

    Please run “Catch A Christmas Star” soon. My spouse and I were out of the country earlier this year and missed it. It’s one of our favorites. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that you will do it.

    John and Mary Anne Flavin

  • LuvChristmas says:

    It appears that Candace Cameron Bure is doing is another Hallmark Channel Christmas movie (it’s being filmed in Utah right now)! Yay! She revealed that actor Robert Pine is playing her father. And she had an @hallmarkchannel tag above the most recent photo she posted on Facebook. !

    I am excited about this news, as Candace’s “Let it Snow” was one of my favorite movies of the 2013 Hallmark Christmas movies. I’m glad that she is doing another one. I wonder which one it will be? The movie can’t be a “Let it Snow” sequel or a “Moonlight and Mistletoe” sequel if Robert Pine is playing her father, so it has to be a completely new story.

    Ten of the upcoming 12 new Hallmark Christmas movies of 2014 already have the casts established, and/or press releases have come out about them. There are only 2 movies of the 12 that I can’t find any info about — not even a working title. So I am going to guess that Candace is in one of those two unknown Christmas movies.

    I’m also glad that Alicia Witt will be shooting “Holiday Help” this month, as her “A Very Merry Mix-Up” and “A Snow Globe Christmas” were two of my favorites from last year!

    Now if only Kellie Martin (star of “The Christmas Ornament”) would sign on to do another Christmas movie as well…

    • Marcia Anderson says:

      You and I like the same movies and Actors. I can not find the listing of Christmas movies. I want to see Let it Snow again as that was one of the last movie to play so it was only on 2 times.
      I did see it for the Christmas in July.
      Kellie Martin was great in the Christmas Orament I would like to see a Part 2 to a Movie to see where a story goes. I would not like to see every movie like that but The good witch is a yearly new movie that goes on. Have a happy holiday and I hope to find the list of movies soon 😉

  • Glorlia Staab says:

    Will Undercover Christmas be shown at least once this year? I love that movie!

  • Tyanne says:

    I’ve seen several of the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies on sale at our local Walmart. The problem is they don’t display them until they display holiday movies until late October or early November. If you can wait until then or maybe try their website for internet sales. Hopes this will help!

  • Alice Cox says:

    Is there a place you can buy the 12 movies you aired last Christmas 2013

    • Marcia Anderson says:

      Alice, My sister gave me trading Christmas , she ordered it on the internet but I do not know where , Do you want me to find out
      ( it may have been Amazon) Enjoy the new movies and the old ones :):)

  • The Simpson Family says:

    My family can not wait for November 2014. Just the anticipation gives me that warm Christmas feeling.

  • LuvChristmas says:

    Okay, to answer my own mystery/question above ^^, it appears that Alicia Witt will star in “Holiday Help,” according to Wikipedia.

    In fact, Wikipedia says: “Following the success of the latter [“A Very Merry Mix-Up”], which is Hallmark’s highest rated holiday film in history, Witt will return to Hallmark in Christmas 2014 with the new film Holiday Help.”

    Was “A Very Merry Mix-Up” Hallmark’s highest-rated holiday film in history? Wow! I mean, it was a cute movie and I loved it, but I didn’t know it was the highest rated holiday movie they’ve ever done! That seems surprising to me, given all of the praise for other movies such as “The Christmas Card.” Who knew?!

    • Marcia Anderson says:

      I did not know either- good for Alicia. It was a fun movie. I have to say I loved let it snow, I did not think a father would firer his daughter it was twist I did not expect. Have a good Christmas and lets see what the other 11 movies will be 🙂

    • Mrs. Claus says:

      I am surprised too, I never would have guessed it was the highest rated! Can’t wait to see the new movies 🙂

  • LuvChristmas says:

    I saw Alicia Witt (star of “A Very Merry Mix-Up” for Hallmark and “A Snow Globe Christmas” for Lifetime) on “Home & Family” today. She said that she is going to be filming another Christmas movie for Hallmark in September, which will hopefully be ready in time for Christmas. I am assuming she means that it will be ready for this year’s Countdown to Christmas on Hallmark, and not next year?

    I seem to recall reading that another Christmas movie was filmed in September 2013, and it made it into the Countdown in 2013. I think it may have been “The Christmas Spirit.” I guess the budgets are low and the movies don’t take too long to film, so Hallmark can get the movies edited and ready by November or early December.

    In any case, I’m glad that Alicia is doing another Christmas movie, as both her Hallmark movie AND her Lifetime movie last year were among my favorites. I think that anything that she, Kellie Martin and Candace Cameron Bure are in is worth watching!

    Putting my detective hat on, I am trying to figure out which movie Alicia could be filming. It’s NOT going to be “One Starry Christmas,” “A Royal Christmas,” “A Cookie Cutter Christmas,” “Northpole,” “Signed, Sealed & Delivered Christmas,” “The Nine Lives of Christmas” or “Angels and Ornaments.” The press releases for those 7 movies are all out, and Alicia is not named in any of them.

    So…as far as what Alicia Witt could be in of this year’s 12 new movies, that leaves “Holiday Help,” “Mr. Miracle,” “Angel on My Tree,” the title that looked like it could have been “Christmas Candle” or something similar, AND one unknown title. OR, she could be doing a movie for the Hallmark Movie Channel.

  • I hope to see the Hallmart Christmas Movies 24/7, I can’t get enough of all of your wonderful movies .so if list of the movie programing please pass it on to me ” Merry Christmas”,

  • primitiv says:

    I wish you had a Hallmark Christmas Movie channel. I love all of your Christmas movies.

  • Tyanne says:

    I’m pretty sure of the way Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel will broadcast starting October 31, but does anyone know for sure what the scheduling is for the specific days and times?
    I need to know!

  • Tyanne says:

    Yes, I’ve seen the commercials too. I just hope they keep the schedule as announced. October 31st I can’t wait.

    • LuvChristmas says:

      The press releases for those 7 movies I mentioned are more informative than the commercials, and they are new (as of 7/9). The commercials don’t show many of the titles very clearly, and they don’t tell us anything about the stories (other than “Northpole,” which they heavily promote).

      I had only seen the commercials as of a few days ago, but now the synopses (in print) for those 7 movies are on the Internet. So it is nice to have more than half of the titles officially in, with storylines and actors and all!

      I hope the schedule stays as announced too!

  • LuvChristmas says:

    The press releases for 7 of the 12 new holiday movies coming up this Nov-Dec are out (as well as releases for the Halloween movie and other movies on the Hallmark Movie Channel). The titles covered are:

    “Northpole” (of course! We all know about this one by now!)

    “One Starry Christmas” (which, I think, might be what was formerly known as “A Cowboy for Christmas”)

    “A Royal Christmas” (Lacey Chabert and Jane Seymour are in this one)

    “A Cookie Cutter Christmas” (starring Erin Krakow)

    “Signed, Sealed & Delivered Christmas”

    “The Nine Lives of Christmas” (starring Brandon Routh)

    “Angels and Ornaments”

    NOT included in the current round of press releases (but are definite for 2014) are:

    “Holiday Help”

    “Mr. Miracle”

    ??”Christmas Candle” or something that looked similar to that title when it flashed by during a Countdown to Christmas commercial!

    Also, so far there is no word on “Angel on My Tree,” so I wonder if the title was changed (to “Angels and Ornaments,” perhaps?) or if filming is still taking place on it, so no press release yet.

    In any case, even if “Angel on My Tree” turns out to be a different movie from “Angels and Ornaments,” we would still need the title of the 12th movie! So there is room for one OR two more movies, the titles of which are unknown!

  • Tyanne says:

    Thanks Mrs. C.
    Count on me for whatever you need to get this done! I hope it gets our point across.
    Don’t mess with CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!

    • LuvChristmas says:

      I’m not sure if you all saw, but I mentioned in the comments over in the separate Christmas in July thread on this site that it appears that some people are getting the full, originally planned schedule of holiday movies, while others of us are getting the less extensive version (the 4 movies per day, Mon-Thurs schedule). It does not seem to be the same schedule for everyone — and the worst part is that the people who actually have the ’round-the-clock programming are the ones who seem to NOT want it! Lol. Those of us who want the all day/all night programming are not getting it!

      I also mentioned that someone in the Community forums of the Hallmark Channel website said that, as far as she knew, the reduction in Christmas in July programming had more to do with “corporate” issues than with Hallmark. She said she thought it had something to do with an upcoming merger and having to fulfill a certain number of hours of programming (maybe that’s why certain markets or customers ARE getting the full schedule).

      So it may not have been Hallmark’s choice/decision to reduce the schedule for some people, but we will probably never know exactly why it happened. I just hope that it had nothing to do with the complainers wearing Hallmark down.

      • Tyanne says:

        I don’t know, it all seems so suspect to not let those of us who really love and enjoy Christmas in July know about the sudden schedule changes. All they had to do was post it on the web page.
        Fair is fair, and although I do have both channels I still feel cheated somehow.

  • Tyanne says:

    Can someone tell me why the Hallmark Channel ends Christmas in July at 9:00 P.M. my time and doesn’t start again until 1:00 P.M. the next day? Was it really that big of a deal to run Christmas in July as originally planned? Or did the negative feedback outnumber those of us who we’re looking forward to the programming as intended? Don’t get me wrong I’m still enjoying what I have access to, I just wish we could have had some say in the matter.
    Maybe next year they can set aside a 24 hour period where WE the supporters of Christmas in July can actually vote on what movies WE want to SEE! How about it?

    • Mrs. Claus says:

      I absolutely agree. Happy we got more than a weekend of movies… but to put out a full schedule only to pull most of it last minute was a bummer. I’d love to be able to vote on what we’d like to see during Christmas in July. Great idea! I will pass that along to Hallmark. 🙂

      • I love the “Christmas line-up and “Christmas Lodge”, is one of my all time favorites, I’m really hoping to see it during the 2014 Hallmart Christmas movie list can’t hardly wait for October 31,2014

  • LuvChristmas says:

    I have to admit — one of the things that I love most about the current Christmas in July movie marathon is the occasional commercial or preview of the larger Countdown to Christmas 2014!! Lol. I can’t explain it, but it fills me with glee to see the tiny 2-second clips of the new movies, and know that a whole 2 months of Christmas movie magic is on its way!

    Am the only person who was hitting ‘pause’ when the screen with the titles of the new 2014 movies flashed by (it’s Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas TV ad, with a red backdrop — and in the red backdrop are the names of the new Christmas movies!)? Lol. I was desperately trying to read all of the titles!!

    I could be wrong and I could have missed a few things, but here is what I was able to piece together about the coming movies in this year’s Countdown — both from Hallmark’s own TV ad and from other snippets found online:

    1. “One Starry Christmas” (a video preview of which is up on the Hallmark Channel website right now) seems like it could be the new name for “A Cowboy for Christmas.” It looks like the same plot, so I am guessing the original name was changed;

    2. “Holiday Help” (have not heard of this one);

    3. “A Royal Christmas” (we knew about this one already);

    4. “A Cookie Cutter Christmas”?? I think I saw that title or a similar title flash by in the Hallmark ad;

    5. “Northpole” (at this rate, everyone knows about it!);

    6. “Nine Lives of Christmas” (this looks to be a movie starring Brandon Routh…and a cat);

    7. “______ts and Ornaments” (I could not see the first word in the title. Could it be “Lights and Ornaments”??);

    8. Something that looked very much like “Christmas Candle,” or it had the word “Candle” in it, but I could be wrong;

    9. “Mr. Miracle” (I didn’t see that title on TV, but it is already known about);

    10. I saw “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” flash by onscreen — could there be a SS&L Christmas movie scheduled for the Countdown this year?; and

    11. “Angel on My Tree” (I didn’t see this in Hallmark’s ad but I learned about on THIS wonderful website)!!

    Even if all of those titles are correct (and assuming that “Angel on My Tree” is not the same movie as “______s and Ornaments,” there is still something missing from the line-up. I think there should be at least one more movie in the Countdown, if not 2.

    I’m so excited — October 31st is when the fun begins! After the July event ends, we have 3-1/2 more months to build up excitement for the main event!

  • Jerry says:

    I love Christmas in July from Hallmark Channel. Its already a tradition with my mom to see all these movies all week long. We can’t wait for Countdown to Christmas movies.

  • Jay Flora says:

    Hi Hallmark Channel Love Your Channel My Mom did to She Pass in 2006.

    I Love Christmas in July and all The Christmas Movies I Hope You do it Every Year.

    I Like to Know if You can Show Pine Canyon Is Burning, 1977, directed by Christian I Nyby, with Kent McCord, Megan Mccord, Shane Sinutko, 1977 NBC Made for TV Movie I Show it 2 Times in 1977 I was 14 and 1982 I Can’t Find it on DVD or VHS can You get it??? I Wood Love to See it I Use to be a Volunteer Fireman in North Charleston, SC in 1982 to 84.

    Thanks and God Bless.

    Jay Flora
    Cleveland County REACT
    Shelby, NC

  • Rosemary says:

    I would love to see Love Christmas Journey both parts. Last December did not know this movie have two parts and sadly miss the second one.

  • Fran says:

    I am so excited for the countdown to Christmas I love and watch the Hallmark Channel all thru the Christmas Season love the old and the new bing it on for 2014 I am ready

  • Tyanne says:

    I just saw the Christmas in July holiday schedule in next months cable guide. My anticipation is endless for next weekend. I’ve got my popcorn and recliner ready, cold drinks in the fridge. Crazy! Right? Not!!!
    My Keepsake Ornament Premiere Reward dollars came too. Guess where I’ll be on July 12 – 13. Summer’s looking good and November is just around the corner.
    Thanks Hallmark!

  • Lora says:

    So excited for Hallmark’s Christmas in July! Hallmark makes the best Holiday movies.

  • RUBY MAYNARD says:

    please hallmark channel snow the Christmas card on your December list of movie for 2014 I love that movie have watch every year sent it came on. And I love all the new movies for 2013 can’t wait. THANK YOU

  • Judith says:

    Love all the Christmas movies. One of my favorite movies “The Christmas List” (1997) has been omitted for the last two years. Please reconsider and add it to Christmas in July or least in November and December list.
    Thank you!

  • Judith says:

    Love all the Christmas movies. One of my favorite movies “The Christmas List” (1997) has not been omitted for the last two years. Please reconsider and add it to Christmas in July or least in November and December list.
    Thank you!

  • Yaaay!!! I love the Hallmark Channel during the holidays. This is usually during my vacation time. I watch Hallmark 24/7 while putting up my Christmas decorations.
    No one in my family can understand my obsession with Christmas. But all I can say is Thank a You!!!

  • Becky Atkinson says:

    So excited about Christmas in July and looking forward to start watching November 1st. We record our favorites to watch year round which keeps the spirit of Christmas in our hearts all year long. Thank You Hallmark!!

    • Marcia Anderson says:

      Becky I love the movies because everyone can watch them. My husband and brother love the movies and we talk about them all the time. They like them because they do not have to think just watch them and enjoy a great story. Have a great Christmas holiday ,enjoy the old and new movies. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah T. says:

    I love all the wonderful holiday movies Hallmark provides in July and in November thru the new year. They really lift my spirits and provide entertsinment I can enjoy with my family. I watch them over and over. Thanks for providing such good clean fun for families.


    Love Christmas in July!!! Love the Christmas movies starting in November it gets us ready, can’t wait for the new ones, and the old ones, thanks Hallmark you are truly a wonderful channel that keeps on giving!!!!!!

    • Marcia Anderson says:

      Jackie is right … Christmas is coming and we need the laughs we get. I have to say the show I watch every time it is on is “Trading Christmas”, not only do I love the actors, it is a good story for all ages to watch. Thanks to hallmark I do not stress with the running around and decorating when I can watch a good PG movie.

  • Marcia Anderson says:

    I am so happy with the new movies …but I enjoy the old one’s also. When I watch them it makes me feel good !!! You makes us happy at the time of the year when we can use it. Thanks Hallmark keep up the good work 🙂

  • Micki Holley says:

    I can’t wait till Hallmark Christmas 2014. Thank goodness for Christmas in July also. Thank you Hallmark never stop!

  • Becky Garcia says:

    Wonderful!! I can’t wait for November 1, 2014! Please make this
    a yearly event for Christmas!! Can’t wait to see “Northpole!!”

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