A Christmas Masquerade (2022)

Movie Summary

When Julianne is mistaken for her glamorous boss at a Masquerade ball by a notoriously aloof businessman, she continues the ruse over Christmas. Will she be able to find real love in the makeshift Fairytale world they’ve created?

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When will A Christmas Masquerade air on TV?

Not airing this week

This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the main UPtv Channel. For a complete schedule of dates and times, please click here.

Year Released


Cast Includes

Erin Agostino (Julianne), David Lafontaine (Michael), Cory Lee (Lara), Amy Matysio (Helena), Maya Misaljevic (Nora), Marcia Bennett (Viktoria), Kent Sheridan (Christian), Darlene Cooke (Isabella), Paul Dick (Santa)

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A Christmas Masquerade Movie Trailer

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