A Christmas Memory (1966)

A Christmas Memory (1966)

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Narrated by Truman Capote. Emmy Award winning adaptation of Capote’s recollection of his youth in the rural South during the Depression. Living with a slightly dotty but loving “cousin,” Capote remembers back to when he was about 10 years old and it was suddenly decided that “it was fruitcake weather.” The task of baking 30 cakes for mostly far away friends and other rituals of Christmas time are painted with such loving and nostalgic strokes, this becomes a truly beautiful Christmas experience. The poverty of the 1930’s fails to stop or even slow down a loving relationship at a loving time of the year.

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Truman Capote, Geraldine Page, Donnie Melvin, Lavinia Cassels, Christine Marler, Josip Elic

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