A Christmas Mystery (2022)

Movie Summary

One-hundred years ago, a strip of Santa’s magical jingle bells was discovered by a young boy in Pleasant Bay, Oregon, bringing about a century of prosperity and peace for the small town. Now, just days before Christmas, the bells – the lifeblood of the town – are missing, and it’s up to a group of intrepid kids to solve the case, find the bells and restore the Christmas magic to Pleasant Bay and its citizens.

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Violet McGraw (Violet Pierce), Eddie Cibrian (Sheriff Pierce), Christoph Sanders (Deputy Terry), Drew Powell (George Bottoms), Lauren Lindsey Donzis (Maddie Pierce), Santino Barnard (Kenny Bottoms), Leonardo Cecchi (Harrison Bottoms), Beau Bridges (Mayor Donovan), Oscar Nuñez (Glenn Martin)

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A Christmas Mystery Movie Trailer

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