A Hobo’s Christmas (1987)

Movie Summary

A hobo hops a freight train to Salt Lake City to be with his estranged son and grandchildren after realizing that he doesn’t have many Christmases left.

A Hobo’s Christmas originally premiered on CBS December 6, 1987.

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Cast Includes

Barnard Hughes (Chance Grovner), Gerald McRaney (Charlie), Wendy Crewson (Laurie), William Hickey (Cincinnati Harold), Jamie Sorrentini (Kathy Grovner), Lee Weaver (Biloxi Slim), Harley Cross (Bobby Grovner), Helen Stenborg (Mrs. Gladys Morgan), Michael Ruud (Omaha John Boswell), Logan Field (Lt. Nielson)

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A Hobo’s Christmas Movie Trailer

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3 thoughts on “A Hobo’s Christmas (1987)

  • December 23, 2020 at 8:46 PM

    This interesting teleplay touches on some serious reconciliation issues. Production values are above average for its genre, writing, direction, performances, editing, cinematography and music. The participation of the always reliable Barnard Hughes was my reason for watching this, and a good decision it was. Other performances also come across as well cast and quite well realised.

    It might not be a movie for all tastes but anyone who enjoys looking back at how families can drift apart and their efforts at reconciliation should find something to appreciate. While some aspects may be a little romanticised for the seasoned cynics, thankfully, unlike a Spielberg production, the adult characters’ situations ring true and the children are likeable (for a change). The late William Hickey (The Name of the Rose ‘86) as Cincinnati Harold is always a curious watch.

    Hearst Entertainment has given us a different kind of Christmas story to admire, for those who care.
    Dare I say…Merry Christmas!

  • November 14, 2016 at 4:32 AM

    I saw this movie a number of years ago. It was so touching that it brought tears to my eyes. A couple of years past, I started thinking about it. The couple of times I tried to look it up, I kept putting the wrong title. Tonight I finally found it. I hope they do air it this year a couple of times, & also in the years to come.

    • December 23, 2017 at 6:28 PM

      I watch them film the scene where they get the piano out of the Patty wagon. It was so hot that day.

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