Broadcasting Christmas (2016)

Movie Summary

Two news broadcasters who previously were in love fight for a position as a morning talk show host that they both want, ultimately finding what made them like each other so much in the first place.

Broadcasting Christmas was originally released on the Hallmark Channel November 23, 2016.

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When will Broadcasting Christmas air on TV in 2023?

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Cast Includes

Melissa Joan Hart (Emily Morgan), Dean Cain (Charlie Fisher), Cynthia Gibb (Patrice), Jackee Harry (Veronika), Richard Kline (Stanley Morgan), Sophie von Haselberg (Gin Serrato), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Ruth Morgan), Joanna Feuer (Kate McQueen), Susan Shalhoub Larkin (Shirley), Ash Santos (Daisy)

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Broadcasting Christmas Movie Trailer

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