Candy Cane Christmas (2020)

Candy Cane Christmas (2020)

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Since childhood, Candy Cane Lane has been Phoebe’s favorite Christmas tradition of an entire neighborhood decorated for the holidays. This Christmas, however, the neighborhood decides to skip the decorations, crushing her spirits. As Phoebe is searching for a new tradition to cheer her up, she realizes that it’s not the traditions we cherish, but the people we spend them with. While preparing for her new tradition, Phoebe stumbles upon the final thing her Christmas was missing: love!

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This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the Lifetime Channel. For a complete schedule of dates and times, please click here.

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Beverley Mitchell (Phoebe Saunders), Mark Ghanimé (Eric Kelton), Trudy Weiss (Aunt Maggie Webster), Benedicte Belizaire (Laurie Danes), Derek Johns (Joe Holloway), Brett Geddes (Adam Grand), Heather Tod Mitchell (Rhoda Bookman), Mark Day (Greg Hansen), Jon Welch (Pete Danes), Deanna Jarvis (Barista)

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