Christmas Again (2021)

Christmas Again (2021)

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Rowena “Ro,” is a high-spirited teenager experiencing a lackluster Christmas. Ro isn’t handling her parents’ divorce well because she wants her life back the way it was – her parents back together, her dad’s new girlfriend and son out of the picture, and their family traditions to remain the same. After a disappointing celebration with her family, including her sister Gabriela “Gabby,” Abuela Sofia and Abuelo Hector, she makes a wish to a neighborhood Santa for a “do-over” and unexpectedly finds herself reliving Christmas day over and over … and over again. Now, in order to break the strange magical loop, Ro must learn to appreciate her loving family as it is, as well as the true meaning of Christmas.

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2021 Dates, Times, and Channels

Premieres Friday, December 3rd 2021 at 8pm on Disney Channel

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Scarlett Estevez (Rowena), Daniel Sunjata (Mike), Alexis Carra (Carolina), Ashlyn Jade Lopez (Gabby), Priscilla Lopez (Abuela Sofia), Beth Lacke (Diane), Tony Amendola (Abuelo Hector), Gary Anthony Williams (Santa)

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