Jolly Good Christmas (2022)

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In the film, Kemp plays David, an American architect who relocates across the pond to take up a job at a prestigious London firm. As the clock counts down to Christmas Day, David is running out of time to buy his girlfriend – who also happens to be his boss’s daughter – a thoughtful present so he resorts to buying her a somewhat uninspired gift card. Professional shopper Anji (Shetty) raises an eyebrow when she bumps into David and his lackluster gift so when the duo cross paths again, he enlists her to help him find the perfect present. Before long, the duo set off on a “wild adventure across Jolly Old London” as they navigate a series of unexpected events on their search for the ideal gift.

Jolly Good Christmas is co-produced by Leif Films Media and Movie House Entertainment. The movie is executive produced by Leif Bristow together with Jane Goldenring, Carol Baum and Danny Webber. Agnes Bristow and Borga Dorter produce while Mark Vennis is the U.K. co-producer.

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2022 Dates, Times, and Channels

Scheduled to be released on Hallmark holiday 2022

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Will Kemp, Reshma Shetty

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