Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups (2012)

Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups (2012)

Movie Summary

When Mrs. Claus travels to Pineville, the playful Santa Pups stow away on her sled. Taking mischief to a whole new level, they begin granting joyful wishes to Pineville’s boys and girls, but something goes terribly wrong – the Christmas spirit begins to disappear. Now the Santa Pups and Mrs. Claus must race to save Christmas around the world.

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2018 Dates, Times, and Channels

11/23/18 – 7:30am on Freeform
12/01/18 – 7:00am on Freeform
12/06/18 – 7:30am on Freeform
12/23/18 – 10:00am on Disney Channel
12/24/18 – 9:00am on Disney Channel

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Cast Includes

Cheryl Ladd, Danny Woodburn, Kaitlyn Maher, Pat Finn, Paul Rae

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