Second Chance Christmas (2017)

Second Chance Christmas (2017)

Movie Summary

Also known as Love Strikes Twice.

When an accident causes a successful woman, Caroline, to lose her memory; her husband Jack does everything in his power to keep her from remembering that they are total opposites and that their marriage is doomed. Now Jack is hoping for a second-chance, and a little Christmas magic, to help rekindle their relationship and fall in love all over again.

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12/07/19 – 1:00pm on UPtv
12/14/19 – 1:00am on UPtv

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Cast Includes

Katrina Begin, Tilky Jones, Charlene Tilton, Steven Ted Beckler, Alexandria Collins, Vanessa Kai, Ryan Munzert

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  • Johna says:

    just watched this movie. it is not a typical love story and you almost want to turn it off several times but it has a good ending.

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