The Christmas Secret (2014)

The Christmas Secret (2014)

Movie Summary

While her life is falling apart, single mom Christine finds a magical family heirloom that leads to love and good fortune during Christmas.

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2021 Dates, Times, and Channels

11/22/21 – 4:00pm on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
12/02/21 – 12:01am on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
12/14/21 – 10:00am on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. For a complete schedule of dates and times, please click here.

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Cast Includes

Bethany Joy Lenz (Christine), John Reardon (Jason), Jaeda Lily Miller (Hayley), William Ainscough (Zach), Susan Hogan (Judy), Michael Hogan (Marshall), Venus Terzo (Patricia), Karin Konoval (Mrs. Meredith), Greyston Holt (Brad), Christine Willes (Gloria)

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  • Cherylmarcov says:

    Will CHRISTMAS SECRET be on dvd any time if so when ?

  • Chris Schopp says:

    I have read most of Donna VanLiere’s Christmas books. The Christmas sScret is my favorite!. I was thrilled when I saw it advertised as a made for TV movie. I immediately knew I wanted to purchase this movie, but cannot find it. Will the movie be available for purchase and if so when? If you could forward this information back to me via my e-mail as listed above, I would appreciate it. Thanks!!

    Chris Schopp

    • Yvonne Witte says:

      The Christmas Secret is one of my very favorite movies and it’s a shame we cannot purchase it for our own.. Also Christmas Under Wraps is another favorite and we cannot purchase it either..You should sell them.. It’s not like everyone will stop watching Hallmark.. I have most of Hallmark movies and I still watch Hallmark..

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