The Christmas Sitters (2020)

The Christmas Sitters (2020)

Movie Summary

Facing holiday flight delays on a return trip from Europe, two parents double-book incompatible babysitters: the mother’s BFF lawyer friend, Nora, and the dad’s guitarist half-brother, Max, to look after their two kids and dog. After a rather stormy start, an attraction grows.

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Not airing this week

This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the ION Channel. For a complete schedule of dates and times, please click here.

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Tristin Mays, Nathan Owens, GloZell Green, Melissa Ordway, Justin Gaston, Chris Soules

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  • Randy cox says:

    I really enjoyed the Christmas sitters. It’s one of the few Xmas stories that had a moral

  • Amanda says:

    I worked as the production Designer on this film and myself and my fellow contractors have yet to be paid for our services and products. We retain the copyright of all of our work until paid. This film cannot be released until we have been paid.

    • Rick F. says:

      I hope you and fellow contractors got paid for your work. What a low blow to have this happen. Hope your Holidays are better! 🙂

    • Daniel Watkins says:

      Well, unfortunately it is airing tonight on ion TV.

    • Gary Lagstrom says:

      I agree I hope you got paid! Watched with my wife last Sunday night and really enjoyed it. By the way who plays the kids? Their names are not listed in the cast info. They both did a great job too and should be applauded and mentioned with the rest of the cast!

      • SJ Sands says:

        I also wanted to know who played the kids. Have looked at all the sites and not one of them shows the kids’ names. I am curious as to why they were omitted. I enjoyed it.. was not as formula as many of the movies.

    • Mickie Carpenter says:

      Well you should have a contract one that gives you 50 percent upfront the other 50 when your done. But I hear lots of people in hollywood get screwed. Madonna didnt pay her dancers that went on tour with her. So be smart get a contract

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