The Little Drummer Boy (1968)

The Little Drummer Boy (1968)

Movie Summary

An orphan shepherd boy plays his drum for the baby Jesus and makes the animals dance.

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This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the Freeform Channel. For a complete schedule of dates and times, please click here.

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José Ferrer (Ben Haramed), Paul Frees (Aaron’s father the Magi), June Foray (Aaron’s Mother), Ted Eccles (Aaron), Greer Garson (Our Storyteller)

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  • Liz says:

    Freeform originally ABC Family and The Family Channel still airs this special but now it is basically chopped down to less than 20 minutes due to commercials, they edited the flashback of Aaron’s parents death scene short and the song The Goose is Hanging High! Also this special isn’t given enough air time like Rudolph Frosty and Santa Claus is Coming to Town which air constantly on that channel and are aired uncut! What a shame

  • Don says:

    They just don’t play The Little Drummer Boy like they do any of the other Christmas movies. Not for like 20 years. Use to play it as much as Peanuts and all the other one, but not for a long time. Like it was a copyright issue, more than the religious reasons thats happening now.

    • Robin says:

      I agree, This should be played way more than it is and certainly not just in the morning. I love this and the song. Jesus is the reason for the season. but omg they the stupid “The santa clause movies” with Tim Allen all the ridiculous time!

    • Margaret young says:

      Such a shame that this lovely story does not air any longer. I does not fit into the snowman, Santa clause mold. Than again, when is Jesus ever mentioned anymore with Christmas.
      Be politically correct, they say… watch them wash away our beliefs. I just hate how Catholics are being degraded. Catholic Religion Matters

  • James T says:

    To bad national tv executives don’t have the backbone to play a great animated movie. cowards and there not even ashamed. Not playing it there offending me but you must have a backbone to figure it out.

  • Henry Medina says:

    Where’s my little drummer boy???. I’m 58 years old, so sad- for those who believe it’s offense…

  • D.P. says:

    Oh yes Lord forbid we should hurt the feelings of a few noisy people because they take offense to a particular ideal. Whatever happened to “if you don’t like it turn the channel” simple as that.
    Funny how it doesn’t matter if I’m offended because this and other fine old (dare I even mention the word) CHRISTMAS programs won’t get shown anymore because some people don’t have anything better to do than raise a stink over the mere mention of a christian ideals, because they don’t believe.
    If they don’t believe, that’s fine that’s their choice just the same as it’s my choice to believe, but to say it’s okay to show a bunch of liberal non christian programing on tv then say if I don’t like I can change the channel, but if I say the same it’s being politically incorrect.., isn’t that a little discriminatory?

    • Harry says:

      Agree 100%. Destruction of AmericanHeritage

    • Deb says:

      That is a complete travesty to the very constitution this country was built on, FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
      Any one ever hear of that???
      What in the world is happening to our nation when you can’t even watch a simple little stop-motion animation you’ve watched EVERY OTHER YEAR of YOUR LIFE.
      I must’ve been in a cave to not have heard of this ridiculousness prior!

  • Mr C says:

    Once again the season is over and not one major network played this fine film. Its a shame that this beautiful story is mothballed because of a small vocal minority group and big business who has no stones

  • One more thing I would like to say; If I could afford to, I would buy a copy of the VHS tape and find a big building to show it in my community every year with plenty of refreshments and give out free drums to all the children would like one!

  • I am saddened that they are being so “overly political” about such a wonderful little show. I am 53 and I grew up watching “The Little Drummer Boy” every year. I don’t cry very easily, but I would always shed some tears while watching this movie. It is so simple and eloquent, yet filled with many important lessons for living life well. Why is it that they can show preachers delivering their Serman on Sunday but can’t show such an inspiring short movie? Are there different rules for every TV station?

  • Anonymous says:

    That is such a shame. Both are great movies!!

    • MrC says:

      Unfortunately the DVD conversion is riddled with screen errors and audio problems.
      The VHS though was still as good as the original TV broadcast but good luck finding that
      Amazon and Ebay has them for almost 50.00 each( ouch) if you still own a VHS….
      It is truely ashame that the media has once again crumpled to a small religious group who has called for its removal

  • Mrs. Claus says:

    As of right now, they still have The Little Drummer Boy on schedule, they did however, remove Nestor Long-Eared Donkey from the line-up.

    • Mr C says:

      ABC family doesnt have it scheduled on DirectTV
      I have tried to DVR it and it is NOT scheduled in the time slot

    • Anthony says:

      I’m 41, and always loved that movie, and I was a bit of an outcast so that movie was personal for me and made me feel good about myself and about the birth of Jesus. after not being able to watch for the second treat in a row, these political correct people do not want to start up a conversation with me. I will give them a piece of my mind!!

  • chuck r says:

    This is not playing at this time .
    ABC refuses to play it because a religious group finds it offensive
    very sad in deed


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