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118 thoughts on “AMC

    1. Don’t worry it’s on A.B.C Family or Freeform every other weekend and pretty much at least once per week. It’s really to the point I’ve stopped watching the channel, but you enjoy and Happy Holidays 😉

  1. I would like to see “It’s a wonderful life” with James Stewart in the Christmas lineup. I’m 41 yrs of age and watched it when I was younger.

    1. I totally agree. I loved this channel when they broadcast classics and liked the narrative stories told by movie experts. So disappointed, but am somewhat satisfied that at least they will broadcast several classic Christmas movies.

    2. I agree about classics not being shown while a lot of inane garbage is shown again & again…yuk…”Ernest”…really??? Where is Holiday Inn, Christmas in Connecticut, Holiday Affair, Meet me in St Louis??? These are classic & classy. Get a grip TMC or you will lose your following. I didn’t think this was a comedy channel for kids.

      1. I Agree!! Love Holiday Inn..Christmas In Connecticut.. White Christmas Especially!! Miss Seeing Them On TV So Bought Them On CD A Few Years Ago..But Still Like To Watch Them On TV..Wish They Would Show Them!!!

      2. I Agree!! Love Holiday Inn..Christmas In Connecticut.. White Christmas Especially!! Miss Seeing Them On TV So Bought Them On CD A Few Years Ago..But Still Like To Watch Them On TV..Wish They Would Show Them!!!

  2. Where is White Christmas? Stupid decision to NOT include it. Classic for many reasons.

    Incredible movie. I can’t find it anywhere. My Sons 19 and 22, Love the one liners between Cosby and Kaye….

    Pretty disappointing….

    1. My daily check showed that it will be on Saturday, December 16th at 10 :15pm. More classics listed that weekend too. Networks should include these in earlier listings to allow those of us who enjoy these classics to plan for watching.

      1. Thanks Rob ! Merriest of Christmas’s to you and yours!

        From the foothills of the Appalachians in Southeast Ohio …..

    2. I totally agree, I’m 56 years old and I grew up on “White Christmas “, it was a tradition growing up to watch it as a family. It saddens me that it’s not going to be on.

          1. I have watched White Christmas along with many other classics for 50 years +.They are a special part of my holiday celebrations.I will continue to enjoy them despite any criticisms that are published or stated.

        1. Yes, it’s “clearly on the schedule above, ” NOW but it was not on the schedule they originally posted, which is when all the questions started coming. Glad they responded and corrected their error and will now be showing it.

      1. It shows that :

        Sunday, December 17, 2017

        8:30am – The Nativity Story
        10:30am – White Christmas (1954)
        1:15pm – Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

    3. It’s on Netflix if you want to see white Christmas… I’m upset I have yet to find the Reginald Owen version of a Christmas Carol on tv this year, it’s a must see for me yearly. That and the Alistair Simms one

  3. For many of us who grew up in 50s and 60s White Christmas is a classic tradition of Christmas. To eliminate it from regular broadcasts is pathetic. We get bombarded with Home Alone, Bad Santa, The Grinch Who Stole
    Christmas, and many more. There ought to be a channel that broadcast strictly movies from 50s through 80s. Fred Astaire made several movies along with many other Hollywood stars. Just because many of us have aged
    should not mean the elimination of Christmas classics.. anyone at AMC hear us?

    1. You SERIOUSLY removed White Christmas grin your line up This year?? REALLY?? You’ve still got time to change that horrible decision!

    2. Absolutely agree that dropping White Christmas is horribly pathetic as is most of what the holidays have become.

  4. Very disappointed in AMC Christmas Schedule-where is White Christmas for the “family” to watch, where is Miracle on 34th Street…. very upset, the present list of movies are the worse. Then you play White Christmas at 2:30 in the morning, seriously!

  5. Agreed. The movie line up is not good. How does AMC determine the line up? I like new and old classics, like White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street along with things like Home Alone and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I am not 100% sure what Deck the Halls or Four Christmas’ are about or who’s in them and I’m a “milenial”. Hope next year is better!

  6. AMC, this year’s Christmas movie lineup is VERY DISAPPOINTING!
    Four Christmases is going to be shown several times, along with Home Alone 2, yet White Christmas (a traditional classic) is only shown a few times.
    Most disappointing of all…no Miracle on 34th Street nor It’s a Wonderful Life??????????? I am truly at a loss for words and dumbfounded on your choice to exclude those!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I want to see Home Alone!! Not 2 or 3! Yes , Miracle on 34th St…..the original!! Christmas Carol, 1930 or 1950’s version!! C’mon AMC! Maybe TCM will do better!!

    2. I’m very upset. White Christmas shown at a rediculos time and no Miracle on 34th Street nor uts a wonderful life. All are classics that we and our children grew up with and those they choose to show are pure crap.

  7. The only word that comes immediately to mind to describe AMC’s Christmas Movie Schedule for 2016 is “awful.”
    Actually, two words: “Truly awful.” The mediocrity and banality of the movie choices invites both disbelief and derision. Showing “Home Alone” repeatedly as if, somehow, that qualifies as a legitimate and appropriate movie to celebrate the holiday season insults (or should) the intelligence of the viewer. Is the movie vault at AMC so bereft of good Christmas movies that are classics that “Home Alone” becomes the standard for Christmas movies in place of at least a dozen authentic, quality Christmas movies from years past? Classic Christmas movies like the 1951 “A Christmas Carol” or “Miracle on 34th Street” or “Holiday Inn” or “The Gathering” or “A Christmas Story” — are these movies missing from the AMC vault? Having “Home Alone” represent what AMC considers its showcase or flagship Christmas movie for the season is an embarrassing admission as to how far AMC’s programming standards have fallen. AMC, regrettably, has lost much of its luster and reputation for quality since it began showing only a limited selection of movies and interrupting them with commercial breaks every 10 minutes.

  8. There are so many wonderful movies out there, why do you continue to repeat the same ones. What about White Christmas…Meet me in Saint Louis…On Moonlight Bay…It’s a Wonderful Life…Miracle on 34th street…Holiday Inn??? So sad we are losing the traditions.

    1. AMC is doing an AWESOME job with your choices for Christmas 2016! KEEP the Home Alone 2….GREAT feeling movie especially for us FAMILIES! AMC is a very POSITIVE influence for families TODAY! THANK YOU

      1. I don’t care to see the same movie 15 times n a month. It’s gets old. There r hundreds of other Christmas movies they can show besides jus Home Alone 2. They could show a different Christmas movie everyday from Nov 25-Dec 25 & not see the same one twice in a wk.

    2. Hi Beck,

      TCM has all the holiday classics playing on 12/24. Beginning at 12:15 pm that day they are playing “It Happened on Fifth Avenue,” “Holiday Affair (2:15pm),” “Shop Around the Corner,” (4:00 pm), “Meet Me in St. Louis,” (6:00 pm) and “Christmas in Connecticut.” (8:00 pm). Unfortunately not AMC but alive and well on Turner Classic Movies.

      1. Why oh why can’t we see classic Christmas movies? Where’s Remember the Night, Christmas in Connecticut, Shop Around the Corner, Bells of St. Mary’s, Meet Me in St. Louis…

  9. Where are the classics like White Christmas? Watching Home Alone once is like watching Dumb and Dumber. Once was too much. If this is your Christmas lineup for 2016, bah humbug to you and your theatres.

  10. I too am so sad about White Christmas this year. AMC has in the past been the go to, feel good channel at Christmas.
    Please raise your standards and level of celebration back to what you have done in years past.

    1. I agree completely. It’s been a tradition in my family from the time it first aired. I have such happy memories watching it w my grandmother in the 1960s. I continued it with my children and grandchildren. How sad that you’re not broadcasting it. Instead you’ll show home alone lord knows how many times. Very sad sad sad!

  11. Why are you only playing White Christmas at 11:30 pm and 2:15 pm
    That is the most awful times ever, did you forget that some people do have to work, and i only see it listed twice on the schedule WHY????
    Look at how many times you are showing Home Alone
    so very disappointed with your schedule

  12. I would like to see the old movies at Christmas also. Christmas in Connecticut, Little Women, Meet me in Saint Louis, etc. Please play these. Let’s not forget the great American movies that we all love.

  13. GREAT start AMC with your annual Christmas Movies. Home Alone is the perfect lead-off, traditional movie. Last season we had 3 families share an evening when Home Alone was showing. This year, we had 5 families that included: grandparents, parents, & 12 kids. We have a huge/open family room. All in attendance watched the movies & no major soda spills….lol Keep these AWESOME Christmas movies coming & AMC’s choices are ALWAYS the BEST! Best Wishes

  14. I am disappointed with AMC’s Christmas movie lineup this year. Why is White Christmas only on three times, with two of the showings late at night? Why is the George C. Scott version of “A Christmas Carol” not included at all? Why are there so many airings of Home Alone? I think AMC is being programmed by Scrooge who don’t like Christmas at all. They even forgot Holiday Inn and Christmas in Connecticut. Shame on AMC for their weak movie lineup this Christmas.

  15. Stopping by to give a BIG thank you for the awesome Christmas Movies. The Home Alone series is a warm classic, very popular with the little ones and Dads & Moms. Super idea since A Christmas Story is run 24 hours straight on another channel.
    We really enjoyed your structure, and, next year please don’t change it. Christmas only comes once a year so watching the same movie for a couple weeks doesn’t get old. Thank You

  16. I am so disappointed in AMC with their lack of traditional Christmas movies.
    Where is It’s A wonderful Life on days close to Christmas, The Bishop’s wife with Loretta Young and Cary Grant ….it has been overkill with White Christmas. Meet Me in St. Louis should have been shown several times…these all should have been run and several times day and evening for all viewing audiences. I ws looking forward to the old movies a couple weeks before Christmas…..what a downer

  17. Where’s the movies about Jesus and his birth??
    I also agree with everyone else.. stop the over and over with Home Alone. All points made above are right on.

      1. I saw Ben Hur with the birth and death of Christmas and his acts of kindness throughout his life! One of the best films ever made!

  18. This line up is terrible! I love Home Alone, but only the second movie is being played (over and over). Why is AMC playing The Santa Clause 2 so much? There are 2 more movies in that trilogy also! Please bring back A Christmas Carol for next year!

  19. For future Holiday airings, will you consider showing the Waltons movie “The Homecoming”? If you can get the rights of course.

  20. Hi, I commented last year. Just like last year, the Christmas movie schedule is awful. I do believe it is getting better. You put on Miracle on 34th Street a lot more than last year which is good. Unfortunately that is the only good thing. You have the Santa Clause 2 on MULTIPLE times.Why? Why just the second one? There is a first one and a third one you know! You put on Home Alone again MULTIPLE times! Why? Just like I said last year, IT IS NOT A CHIRSTMAS MOVIE. It is especially not a Classic! All it’s about is a boy that gets left home alone in the winter, it has nothing to do with christmas! AMC stands for American Movie Classics, sooo play classics. You are not even playing A Christmas Carol with George C Scott or It’s a Wonderfull Life. They are two of the greatest christmas movies of all time. Just so you know, I’m 20 years old. I grew up watching Home Alone its okay to watch once, watching it multiple times is torcher! Please for the love of christmas,, stop playing home alone so much and start playing the older classics. Im 20 I like them, I liked them when I was younger too more than home alone. Parents know nothing about what kids want. you’d think parents would want to watch the classic too.

  21. Please keep the classics.

    Going My Way, Bells of St. Mary’s, Miracle on 34th Street, It’s A Wonderful Life, and of course a Christmas Carol with George C Scott. There also was one with Henry Winkler that was set during Depression that was very good. Come on AMC, you can do it, don’t let us down!

  22. Home Alone 1 & 2 are traditional holiday movies, and, since Christmas for most Americans are traditional, these movies are AWESOME. Most parents at my kids school would agree. GREAT JOB AMC ! Your 2014 schedule rocks. ty

    1. It’s the Christmas season we want Christmas shows to watch stop with all the repeats of the walking dead more enjoyable to get in holiday spirit with numerous holiday movies there are so many out there

  23. Why so much of Home alone and Santa Claus? AMC can change the line up. Can’t you hear the cries of people? Bring on the classics. What about The Bishops Wife? The Belles of St. Mary’s?

      1. Seen both movies in the past.White Christmas =White Christmas this year. Enjoyed Miracle on 34th Street and White Christmas last night!

    1. I agree. White Christmas is my favorite and it’s only on at midnight. They used to play it a few times. This year you will be lucky to catch it once. The bells of Saint Mary. Another classic that is never played

      1. And it may not really be White Christmas. I saw it last weekend advertised as White Christmas but it was actually Holiday Inn (which I happen to like better than White Christmas).

  24. Why play the same movie over and over again?
    Who does your programming? This seems like a very lazy movie schedule!

    What happened to George C. Scott in A Christmas Carol from 1986? It’s the best Christmas movie ever! What about Prancer?

    You did not do your customers justice by playing Home Alone over and over and over again! As an (already unhappy) Time Warner customer this may just push me over the edge!

  25. WTF is this line-up? Home Alone!?! Where is ‘Scrooged’, Any version of ‘A Christmas Carol’? Hell, you used to play action movies that had even the most subtle Christmas references (Die Hard, Batman). Just sad. I won’t be turning on AMC very much this season.

  26. this year list of Christmas movies is awful, where is a Christmas carol and miracle on 34th street and all the other that people have mention, who ever thought of this years line up should be fired or demoted at best for thinking that this year line up is some how decent.

  27. AMC’s Christmas lineup is absolutely terrible this year. They are showing hardly any christmas shows this year. I cannot believe there is no Miracle on 34th Street, its one of the greatest christmas movies of all time. Same with A Christmas Carol. AMC your airing list is awful. First of all The Home Alone Movies are not even Christmas movies, the time of year during the movies just happened to be winter. Put on the Classics please. All ages watch them trust me im 19 and i’ve been watching them for a long time and will continue to watch them. The month of December is when people expect Christmas movies to be on tv. So put them on, its the only time of year that they’re ever on tv. except for this year because of AMC’s terrible choice of Christmas movies. Trust me if you want more viewers during the christmas season put them on. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ellen, NBC owns exclusive rights to air It’s a Wonderful Life. No other network is able to play it. NBC will have it on December 20th and December 24th at 7pm ET.

  28. I’m very disappointed in your programming this Christmas season. why must you focus on the same movies over and over, where is a Christmas carol, miracle on 34th street, holiday inn , come to the stable, the cheaters. just very sad that your station is so lazy that you have to do repeats

  29. OMG! What happened to the “Miracle on 34th Street” marathon? I was so looking forward to that! I can’t believe AMC skipped this classic movie this year. Please bring it back!

  30. Where is Miracle on 34th Street, Holiday Inn and It’s a Wonderful Life? If these aren’t holiday movie classics then neither is Home Alone!! Bring back the true classics!!

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