It’s a Wonderful Lifetime

It’s a Wonderful Lifetime

On October 11, 2012, Lifetime announced a new holiday programming event called “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime.” The largest holiday stunt in the network’s history, “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” runs from November through December, during which Lifetime telecasts more than 50 holiday-themed films that capture everything about the holiday spirit.

Christmas movies showing on the Lifetime Channel in 2021

This years It’s a Wonderful Lifetime programming event will kickoff October 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: Date/times are subject to change (all times shown in Eastern)
**Page last updated on 6/03/21

Check back in for more schedule updates later in the year

It’s a Wonderful Lifetime: Summer of Santas

Because everyone needs some holiday happiness all year round, Lifetime is launching It’s a Wonderful Lifetime: Summer of Santas offering some of the most beloved Lifetime holiday films all month long during the month of July. Watch Christmas movies on Lifetime’s Official YouTube Channel, six on VOD, and twenty titles on Lifetime’s app LMC (Lifetime Movie Club). Lifetime’s podcast, I Love a Lifetime Movie, will also dedicate a new episode to The Christmas Setup with Fran Drescher as the special guest. Celebrate Christmas in July with Lifetime


What channel is Lifetime?

  • DirecTV – Channel 252
  • DISH Network – Channel 108

Available on most cable networks. Check with your local provider for channel.

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(as of 23-02-2020 23:36:17 UTC - Details)
(as of 23-02-2020 23:36:17 UTC - Details)


  • Darrell says:

    This is a great site to reference what Christmas movies are out and to see if they are on TV and if the are possibly airing. However, unless I’m wrong this website doesn’t control the airing schedule of each individual television station or who sells what DVD. They just report what has been put out.

  • Lynn Molinari says:

    My favorite Christmas movie is “A Christmas Kiss” Why is it shown only once in October?! Certain movies are shown multiple times. So disappointing…..

  • Moma says:

    Why is “The Christmas Shoes” only shown once in October? That is one of the most beautiful Christmas movies I have ever seen. Also, is the follow up movie going to show this year.

  • Gloria Gonzales says:

    Why is the Spirit of Christmas wit Jen Lilley not scheduled to broadcast again this year? I had to leave home half way through. Please, will you broadcast it again?

  • Gina says:

    I agree with all the above, but have an addition. Will you air Holiday Switch this year?

  • Michele says:

    Hi-I’m having a hard time trying to find out when “A Gift Wrapped Christmas” is airing this year. Can you let me know if it will be on TV this year? I will be disappointed if it isn’t.


    • RG says:

      One of my families’ favorites as well. It will be shown at least once, the first time being on Wednesday, December 2nd at noon (11:00 am central).

    • RG says:

      One of my family’s favorites as well. “A Gift Wrapped Christmas” will be shown at least once on Lifetime, with the first time being Wednesday, December 2nd at noon (11:00 am cst).

  • Nola says:

    When are you going to show Comfort and Joy

  • i love lifetime christmas movies . my favorite is comfort and joy . are you going to play this movie again ?

  • Julie c says:

    When will on strike fir Christmas be on TV besides today, one my favs can’t watch today thanks

  • Frances says:

    Why is “Christmas Unwrapped” not shown after October 25? There are two months before Christmas. We are missing a great chance to see it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Would you please play Christmas season the movie drive to Eric I believe in 2002 what DLC McKeon, “Comfort & Joy”

  • Regina Fizzuoglio says:

    really wish you’d bring back for sale dvd of A Gift Wrapped Christmas

  • Marsha Goldman says:

    I love Lifetime Christmas movies. Wished you’d show them throughout the year. Since Hallmark is showing Christmas in July, I hope you will feature Christmas movies during the month also!!!

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