ION Television Home for the Holidays

ION Television’s lineup ranked #2 among networks airing holiday movies in 2019, averaging 919,000 households in primetime. Beginning Thanksgiving weekend, ION Television will once again be “Your Home for the Holidays.” Featuring a festive lineup of four all-new movie premieres and more than 30 returning favorites, ION is kicking off the holiday season in November 2021, with special holiday fare airing weekends in December through Christmas Day.

ION Christmas movies will begin November 2021

PLEASE NOTE: Date/times are subject to change (all times shown in Eastern)
**Page last updated on 12/05/21

Check back in for schedule updates throughout the holidays

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Monday, November 22, 2021

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Monday, December 13, 2021


What channels is ION?

  • DirecTV – Channel 305 0r 347
  • DISH Network – Channel 216

Available on some cable networks. Check with your local provider for channel.

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  • CK says:

    I remember movies being all weekend during December and year by year there are less and less Christmas movies being shown. Is there a reason why? I know these movies are VERY popular, so why decrease their showings?

    • TLC says:

      CK: Putting it mildly, I am a Christmas Movie enthusiast. I’m so serious that I do a checklist spreadsheet every year with all of the new movies across the various channels. I forgot ION this year for some reason. There are over 90 new movies combined on lifetime, hallmark channels and others. Family and friends laugh but stop laughing when they see, need or want my If you type in 2021 new christmas movies, I believe you will find a checklist. Enjoy

    • Nicholas says:

      In recent years it’s been Saturdays and Sundays, plus Christmas Eve. This years it’s just Sundays, plus it looks like ION hasn’t released their schedule and we have to wait until our DVR program guides get the latest update.
      With fewer showings, some of the old favorites are bound to be left out.

  • Lena says:

    2021 schedule
    Sunday, Nov 21 8pm ET/PT Christmas Down Under, starring Paul O’Brien and Justine Kacir
    Sunday, Nov. 28 8pm ET/PTA Christmas Witness, starring Arielle Kebbel and Colin Egglesfield
    Sun Dec 5 8pm ET/PT The Christmas Thief, starring Michelle Borth and Vivica A. Fox
    Saturday Dec 11 8pm ET/PT A New Lease on Christmas, starring Clair Coffee and Geoff Stults

    • Anna Bouillon says:

      Is the schedule up above all there is? Last year they showed them every Sunday till Christmas. I didn’t get to see all of Christmas down under and thanks to working evenings I’m not going to get to watch very many of their movies. I was hoping to maybe catch part or all of the new ones if I get lucky to have a Sunday off.

  • Sonja Witthaus says:

    I would like ION to shows christmas movies 24/7 since Ionplustv is an longer available. I don’t get the Hallmark channels. Is there anyone else that would like to this also? Maybe if several people contact IOn television they might show movies 24/7. Let me know if there is anyone else. Sonja

  • Robert D, Lawrence says:

    Movies: I am 87 , a veteran, and paralyzed. I watch and enjoy your movies, Can you schedule two Two Paul Neman movis “The Young Philadelphians” and the
    “Verdict”? Many thanks.

    Bob Lawrence

  • Kim says:

    I too am sick of all these Christmas movies. Thats not why I watch and enjoy the regular ion shows. Christmas shows and movies are on every single channel this time of year. Adults like me want shows with subatance, not a bunch of cartoons and teenage tear jerkers.

  • Anonymous says:

    Iam so sick of all these CHRISTMAS MOVIES over n over n over!!!! Cannot wait for get back to “real” ion programming
    Sappy CHRISTMAS MOVIES are absolutely ridiculous! Enough already!!!!!!

    • Nicholas says:

      Well it’s just four weekends a year plus Christmas Eve. And the people obviously enjoy watching them since we get me ones each year plus the old favorites come back.

  • Linda says:

    It’s sad they’re only showing “Christmas Mail” once. It’s the best one!

  • Anonymous says:

    What about A Christmas date???

  • Lisa says:

    Where is the movie “A mom for Christmas” with Olivia Newton John? Please please please add this movie to the line up! Its a PERFECT Christmas movie!

  • Susan says:

    I am looking forward to Christmas Movies on ION. I do not have cable TV and watch ION over the air, with an antenna.

    Can you please provide a schedule of 2019 Christmas Movies for ION tv.

    Thank You Very Much.

  • Dorothy says:

    Hi! When can we expect This year’s holiday movie line-up announcement? Wish you showed movies year round or at least on other holidays! Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, Halloween…. Etc…..! Thanks!

  • Thank you, Nicholas! I hadn’t noticed that that song was in another movie! How funny!

    • Nicholas says:

      Nancy I realize it’s been two years, but I just discovered the same song, “Just One Dance”, as the final song in “A Royal Christmas Ball”. That makes four movies. (This was the “carriage ride song” that you mentioned elsewhere on this page.)

  • Why, oh why, is there no Golden Christmas movie 4? If you see a nother plea from me for this, I didn’t see it show up here, so writing this. I think, the older couple could be in it, with the man as a professor, as stated in 2, and the woman, retired and happy. The young girl could be all grown up, and the story could revolve around her. Possibly, a love story between her and another student at the college, the same one the professor is at. That way, he can give sage advice, when needed.

    Ok? So, now, movie people, write this darn thing! We need a 4!

  • G. says:

    Love your Christmas movies on ION. However, every time I record your movies, the last 30-60 seconds are cut off so I miss the closing signoff of each movie. I watched ‘A CHRISTMAS IN ROYAL FASHION’ and when the closing captions were shown at the bottom of the screen as to what became of the leading characters in this movie, my DVR stopped recording because the cable TV guide showed your movie ending at 11 pm on December 16,2018. Apparently, it should have shown 11:01pm on the guide. Can anyone tell me what happened to the leading characters in this movie. I got as far as the little girl Amy before the DVR stopped recording

    • Nicholas says:

      Amy “grew up to be a very successful young doctor . . .. and supervisor of the Edgemoor Children’s Health Foundation.”
      Kristin and Patrick “found the true meaning of love . . . .and went on to plan their new life together . . . becoming dual citizens of Edgemoor and the United States. They spend their time promoting charitable fashion events. . . . . Living happily ever after.” (Hopefully that includes actually getting married.)

      As for the timing – yes, Ion formats the movies so that the end of one runs right up to the beginning of the next. Best bet is just to have the DVR record an extra one minute at the end – all the DVRs I’ve seen have a setting for that.

  • Allen says:

    Sorry, but I am tired of your goofy Christmas shows. 30 days of the same goofy ones over and over. Break it up with some of your regular programs.
    It’s as bad as listening to Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. Give us a break please.

  • Sassy says:

    What happened to the movie where they travel across America with Scoots? I can’t remember the name.

  • B.A. Sedelbauer says:

    I love you’re Christmas movies!!!

  • Nicholas says:

    This year’s ION preview for the Christmas movies includes a short clip where a young woman says “I like traditions. They help keep us connected to the past.” Can anyone identify which movie that’s from?

    • Anonymous says:

      Christmas in Vermont was the movie.

      • Nicholas says:

        Thank you for this – just saw your reply. That will save me having to record all of them and fast forward trying to find that scene.

        What’s interesting is that the scene I mentioned had a young woman wearing a blue ski cap. Pretty sure I saw that exact same ski cap worn by the lead character today in “Runaway Christmas Bride”. (Yes, I admit ski caps are pretty common . . . . )

        • Nancy R says:

          I noticed yesterday, that the same little girl is on all 3 Golden Christmas movies. I think she plays different parts in them. She is so good! Two movies I didn’t see this year, are the one with the magic brooch a woman can read people’s thoughts with it, and “Christmas Town”, which is really cute. “Christmas Mail,” has only been shown about once.
          Merry Christmas, everybody! Enjoy those movies!

        • Nicholas says:

          Okay, the movie I was looking for (“I like traditions . . “) was in The and the Pines. So now I can stop watching them all, except that I’m hooked.

        • Nancy R says:

          They sometimes use the same music in different movies. Last night, I noticed they have the same song during the carriage ride in both “A Prince for Christmas,” and “Christmas Kiss.” I couldn’t believe it! I guess they like that song for carriage rides! So, now I am looking for things! That’s when you know you’ve seen a movie more than 5 times.

          • Nicholas says:

            Nancy, as I’m gradually clearing these movies off my DVR, I find that the same song you saw is also used in the final scene of “A Wedding for Christmas!” But I haven’t seen them as many times as you have.

  • Johnathan Maygarden says:

    Christmas movies from Hallmark on ion are the best include favorites

  • Gisselle says:

    Me and my bond over the Christmas movies that come on 🎄🎄🎄🎄

  • Antoinette Landin says:

    I think A Prince for Christmas was brilliant. What a true “love story”, very inspiring and as said “fairy tales” do come true.

  • Anonymous says:

    Can you buy the Ion Christmas Movies anywhere?

    • La Quetta Ray says:

      I’m able to order ION & HALLMARK CHRISTMAS movies pretty cheap online from Wal-Mart. My only complaint is that they don’t come with Blu-ray and normal DVD’S. So I’m buying a Blu-ray for what I can buy for a Blu-ray and watch the others on my DVD PLAYER. The article above on the channel ION is on DISH is wrong. At least it is here in Amarillo Texas. I get ION on 250. The UP channel I have with DISH has really good movies too at Christmas. So does FREEFORM AND LIFETIME.

  • BT says:

    What about al the Golden Christmases????

  • Chonore says:

    when will you air Christmas Belle on ION station again

    • Carolyn Wells says:

      I would like to see Christmas Eve. It is old – Don’ t know what years it was aired, but Lorretta Young starred in it. Don’t remember what channel it was on.

      • Jo-Anne says:

        I think this person is is referring to a movie that I think was called It Happened One Night.
        Her boyfriend died overseas & the female lead becomes very sick, it is pouring rain, Christmas Eve & she is at a church. The deceased boyfriend comes to her in the church.
        Great movie!

  • Sherell says:

    Will you please show the Christmas movie starring Henry Winkler as the uncle who went to spend Christmas with his niece and her son and she fell in love with the man her uncle met in the airport.

  • Juanita Harris says:

    Can you PLEASE let me know your fall/winter Christmas line-up 2015; still looking for One Special Night with James Gardner and Julie Andrews. Thanks

  • ALICE says:


  • Christy says:

    Caught the end of a movie on the 23rd. She seems to fear she will awake and her love will disappear but in the ending he is still there and she learns they have been married for years and in closing exchange presents. Didn’t see the name and can’t find the movie to watch from the beginning. Help

  • MARI R-EM says:


  • Arlene says:

    I would love to see the movie about the single mom who is pursued by Santa’s son who has taken a job as Santa at some sort of outside mall. He’s accompanied by an adult size elf. I wasn’t able to see the whole movie and would love to see it. Of course I can’t remember the title. It aired sometime last year. I hope to you an figure out what I’m talking about and air it.

  • Judy says:

    I would love to see Will You Merry Me starring Wendie Malick. Great movie to relax with, great for the season.

  • Undercover Christmas says:

    Will it run in 2014? Can’t find it ANYWHERE

  • Judy says:

    Please run the movie “Borrowed Hearts” with Roma Downy this year at Christmas. Love this one.

  • Juanita Harris says:

    Would like to see One Special Night with Julie Andrews and Jim Gardner this Christmas the best Christmas movie.

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