Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist (2012)

Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist (2012)

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Originally titled Home Alone 5: Alone in the Dark.

Eight-year-old Finn is terrified to learn his family is relocating from sunny California to Maine, and to the scariest house he has ever seen! Convinced that his new house is haunted, Finn sets up a series of elaborate traps to catch the “ghost” in action. Left home alone with his sister while their parents are stranded across town, Finn’s traps catch a new target – a group of thieves who have targeted Finn’s house.

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12/01/19 – 11:30pm on Freeform
12/02/19 – 12:00pm on Freeform
12/09/19 – 2:10pm on Freeform
12/10/19 – 7:30am on Freeform
12/13/19 – 11:55pm on Freeform
12/14/19 – 7:00am on Freeform

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Malcolm McDowell, Debi Mazar, Edward Asner, Eddie Steeples, Christian Martyn

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