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It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

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2014 Dates, Times, and Channels

12/06/14 – 8:00pm on NBC
12/14/14 – 8:00pm on USA Network
12/24/14 – 8:00pm on NBC

Movie Summary

George Bailey has so many problems he is thinking about ending it all – and it’s Christmas! As the angels discuss George, we see his life in flashback. As George is about to jump from a bridge, he ends up rescuing his guardian angel, Clarence. Clarence then shows George what his town would have looked like if it hadn’t been for all of his good deeds over the years. Will Clarence be able to convince George to return to his family and forget suicide?

Is it available on DVD?

Yes. It’s a Wonderful Life on DVDIts a Wonderful Life (1946)

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Cast Includes

James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore

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9 Responses to It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

  1. Theresa Hare says:

    Why is a Wonderful Life only being shown once this year. I would love to see The Bells of St. Frances.

  2. Diana Guiseppone says:

    I love all the old movies
    Bells of St. Mary’s
    It’s a wonderful life
    The Bishops’ wife
    all the Bing Crosby x-mss movies
    Pocket full of Miracles
    it’s that time of year and we should keep traditions
    thank you

  3. athena says:

    Just noticed that USA is having It’s A Wonderful Life scheduled for 8 pm December 14, 2014. Wonder if this is correct since NBC supposedly holds the rights. Anybody know?

    • Mrs. Claus says:

      You are correct, they do have it on schedule to air that night. NBC owns USA Network so maybe they decided to air it on that channel as well this year. Awesome!

  4. Elf says:

    Looks like it was on 12/6 and 12/14 on USA and black and white then later in color on USA the morning of the 15th. It’s on once again on NBC 12/24 at 8pm. e

  5. pineshomegirl says:

    Its on right now …started at 5pm est and will start again at 1 am est on USA network

  6. Jimcox says:

    It’s a wonderful life is the greatest movie ever made , there is nothing that compares and nbc should be. Banned from TV and will be from mine for not airing it at least once a day in December, just another sign this country has gone to the dogs , wake up idiots

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