A Christmas Wish (2011)

A Christmas Wish (2011)

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A down-and-out mom finds herself in need of a miracle when her no good husband abandons her a week before Christmas, taking all her cash and leaving her homeless with her two young daughters and stepson. After finding a waitressing job at a diner, formerly a famous root-beer drive-in, and a room in a rundown motel in a sleepy rural town, she meets some warm-hearted people who come to the rescue to give her a holiday she can never forget.

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This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. For a complete schedule of dates and times, please click here.

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Kristy Swanson (Martha Evans), Edward Herrmann (Les McCallum), K.C. Clyde (Joe Hopkins), Tess Harper (Trudy Willis), Page Petrucka (Lola), Kevin Herring III (Miles Evans), Kristin Dorn (Mel Evans), Danielle Churchran (Jeanie), Mike Hargerty (Owen Bullington), Bart Johnson (Cal Evans)

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