Catering Christmas (2022)

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In “Catering Christmas,” Molly Frost (Patterson) is struggling to make a go of her new catering business when she unexpectedly lands New Hampshire’s biggest event of the year, the Harrison Foundation Christmas Fundraiser, which is to be managed this holiday by the nephew and reluctant heir to the family’s foundation, Carson Jacob Harrison (Lissing). Carson is a renowned photographer who has spent years jet-setting around the world to avoid taking over the foundation from his Aunt Jean. Molly, a hometown girl who once was the beneficiary of the foundation’s generosity, takes Carson on a journey to learn about all the good his family provides to so many. The discovery inspires Carson to use his artistic gifts to create the most heartwarming fundraiser in the history of the foundation.

“Catering Christmas” is executive produced by Brad Krevoy, Eric Jarboe, Amanda Phillips, Amy Krell, Vince Balzano, Jimmy Townsend, Susie Belzberg Krevoy, and TW Peacocke. Producer is David Anselmo. Supervising Producers are James Mou, Allan Fung, W. Michael Beard, and Michael Shepard. Kaitlyn Greenough is Associate Producer. TW Peacocke directs from an original screenplay by Cara J. Russell.

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Scheduled to be released holiday 2022 on GAC Family’s Great American Christmas

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Merritt Patterson, Daniel Lissing

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