Christmas Do-Over (2006)

Christmas Do-Over (2006)

Movie Summary

A man has to repeat Christmas Day over and over until he realizes how selfish he has become and changes his ways.

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Jay Mohr, Daphne Zuniga, David Millbern, Adrienne Barbeau

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  • Jessica says:

    Please atleast put Christmas do over on demand!! It’s our sons favorite Christmas movie!!! Please please please!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Please atleast put Christmas do over on demand!!! Please that is my families favorite Christmas movie!!! Please let us know something!! Thank you!

  • Judy says:

    I told my family about Christmas Do Over and Christmas Caper because they are two of the best Christmas Movies that I watch every time they come on. I am very unhappy you are not showing them on TV this year after I bragged about them and my family is excited about viewing them! Please put them on this year!!!

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