Mr. Christmas (2005)

Mr. Christmas (2005)

2014 Dates, Times, and Channels

03/06/14 – 12:15am on Starz Kids
03/06/14 – 3:55pm on Starz Kids
03/09/14 – 5:40pm on Starz Kids
03/25/14 – 11:30am on Starz Kids
03/26/14 – 3:25am on Starz Kids
03/31/14 – 3:20pm on Starz Kids

Movie Summary

A young father struggling to make ends meet on a Depression-era salary can’t afford to buy his 5-year-old daughter what she’s expecting Santa Claus to bring her for Christmas.

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Jace Mclean, Jen Celene Little, Ireland Rose Maddox, Abigail Kinslow, Robert Clark

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