Must Love Christmas (2022)

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This is a working title and is subject to change.

Mark Amato, who has created a dozen holiday-themed films, including last season’s CBS Original movie A CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL, as well as “A Kiss Before Christmas,” is writing MUST LOVE CHRISTMAS. In it, a renowned romance novelist famous for her Christmas-themed books finds herself snowbound in the charming town of Cranberry Falls, where she unexpectedly becomes involved in a love triangle between her childhood crush and a reporter determined to interview her to save his dying magazine. The movie will be produced by Brad Krevoy’s Motion Picture Corporation of America.

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2022 Dates, Times, and Channels

Scheduled to be released holiday 2022 on CBS

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Liza Lapira, Neal Bledsoe, Nathan Witte, Adam Beauchesne, Ian Collins, Simone Bailly

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