A Christmas Melody (2015)

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A gift of music transports people back to another time and place where they find their truest feelings.

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2022 Dates, Times, and Channels

12/07/22 – 2:00am on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
12/11/22 – 8:00pm on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
12/25/22 – 12:01am on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. For a complete schedule of dates and times, please click here.

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Mariah Carey (Melissa McKean-Atkinson), Lacey Chabert (Kristin Parson), Brennan Elliott (Danny Collier), Kathy Najimy (Aunt Sarah), Kevin Chamberlin (Thomas), Fina Strazza (Emily Parson), Alexa Glaser (April), Tifani Ahren Davis (Angela), Clara Harris (Mrs. Metzler), Torrie Wiggins (Principal Weber)

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One thought on “A Christmas Melody (2015)

  • December 20, 2015 at 12:50 PM

    Your plot summary is MORE FICTION than the film. Mariah Carey plays the PTA’s school Christmas Show chairlady, NOT a music teacher, and her mean character does NOT help, but rather tries every which way to BLOCK little Emily’s participation in the Christmas pageant. P.S. All Mariah’s singing was saved for the post-movie Christmas Special on Hallmark Channel; she DID NOT sing in the movie! The plot concerns a single mother (Lacey Chabert) and her daughter moving from LA back to the mom’s home town in Ohio after her fashion design business fails; she finds love with a forgotten schoolmate/longtime admirer, who IS the music teacher who helps her daughter, who, while she has moments of self-doubt and ambivalent feelings about the cross-country move (first anti, then pro), she CERTAINLY CANNOT be described as “stressed out”! Has whoever wrote this “summary” watched even ONE SECOND of the film?

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