The Christmas Choir (2008)

2014 Dates, Times, and Channels

07/06/14 – 6:00am on Hallmark Movie Channel
07/06/14 – 10:00pm on Hallmark Movie Channel
07/10/14 – 2:00am on Hallmark Movie Channel
07/10/14 – 4:00pm on Hallmark Movie Channel

Movie Summary

Workaholic accountant Peter Andrews has overlooked Christmas, friends and his fiancé for far too long. A chance encounter with a homeless man named Bob changes everything and inspires Peter to start a choir that eventually goes on to enormous success.

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Cast Includes

Jason Gedrick, Tyrone Benskin, Michael Sarrazin, Marianne Farley, Rhea Perlman

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4 thoughts on “The Christmas Choir (2008)

  1. I loved this movie when it was first shown. Just missed it in July and wonder if it will be shown again in October.

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