A Mouse, A Mystery and Me (1987)

Movie Summary

A world-class mystery-writing mouse spends Christmas Eve with his sleuthing partners tracking down a missing Santa. The special combined live-action footage with an animated character, Alex the mouse.

A Mouse, A Mystery and Me originally premiered on NBC December 13, 1987.

Where can I watch A Mouse, A Mystery and Me online?

A Mouse, A Mystery and Me is not currently available to stream online.

Is A Mouse, A Mystery and Me available to buy on DVD?


When will A Mouse, A Mystery and Me air on TV in 2024?

Not airing this week

Year Released


Cast Includes

Darcy Marta (Jill Roberts), Lloyd Bochner (Sam Hall), Dinah Gaston (Amy), Laura Press (Martine Hatcher), Bobby Becken (Stevie Mumford), Francis Damberger (Jerry Cole), Paul Coeur (Paul Jolicoeur)

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A Mouse, A Mystery and Me Movie Trailer

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