A Season for Miracles (1999)

A Season for Miracles (1999)

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When a woman’s niece and nephew are threatened with foster care after her sister is hospitalized following an overdose, she flees with them. Homeless, they land in the town of Bethlehem just before Christmas.

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Not airing this week

This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the main Hallmark Drama Channel. For a complete schedule of dates and times, please click here.

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Carla Gugino, Kathy Baker, David Conrad, Laura Dern

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  • Christmas Spirit says:

    Here we are 11/2018 and we still are asking to see A Season For Miracles. It is 1 of my favorite Christmas Movies. Hallmark play the movie for us and listen to your viewers Please.

    • S Gordon says:

      This movie is listed as the number one favorite of all Hallmark films. It is inexcusable that it is not scheduled for viewing. We have all of the Hallmark channels also, still inexcusable. 🎄

    • Louise says:

      This movie is listed as the number one favorite of all Hallmark films. It is inexcusable that it is not scheduled for viewing. We have all of the Hallmark channels also, still inexcusable. 🎄

      • Phil says:

        It’s one of my favorites as well, have not seen it listed yet. What gives?

        • Shari says:

          I agree with all of you, and have been terribly disappointed that it has not been aired in the last couple of years, actually angry! It is my favorite, and so superior to most of what Hallmark is currently showing on ALL channels. The powers that be aren’t listening, and don’t care about their loyal viewers, and that is sad. I guess I am mostly disappointed in Hallmark.

  • Barb says:


    • Jessie says:

      Totally agree! I want some old ones! All the Peter Falk ones, and Season for Miracles and A Christmas Wish…and many more! Please, please, please bring these back! LOVE LOVE LOVE them mixed in throughout the time!

  • Carole says:

    I agree! Bring back the old ones and quit showing the new ones over and over and over!

    • Shari Wolfe says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! I missed my older, favorite movies this year…. first time this has happened. I love watching Hallmark holiday movies, but enough was enough – half a dozen times MINIMUM for each one? Ridiculous! I so love watching A Season for Miracles every year, and was sad when it wasn’t listed to be shown. No more holiday movies, with similar inane plots, unless the older favorites are brought back.

    • Vicki says:

      No kidding. I’m sick of 200 showings of the same movie. People have DVR’s they can tape it. Play them twice, the times max. That opens all kinds of room for the old ones. So many good ones they don’t air anymore. Or do one channel for new and one channel for old!!

  • Mary Ellen Iverson says:

    Do not plan on me watching any Christmas movies from Hallmark next year unless Season for miracles is on the schedule. Reading the comments many thousands more are sick of these multiple movies that are new with the same plot premises. Some people in this world cannot afford to pay for extra streaming. I do without other things to keep my cable and that includes two Hallmark channels that I watch a lot. But putting all the old movies on a streaming service to get us to spend more money is actually Scrooge like to want to get more money out of movies that are favorites. And I definetly can not afford to buy the dvd’s. TV is my only entertainment no sports events or theatre or museums anymore just TV and I will get rid of my expanded cable and the Hallmark channels if it comes to it if this is how you want to treat loyal viewers

  • Bah Humbug says:

    Sorry folks, all of the really good old Hallmark movies are now being shown on their “Newer” second Hallmark channel. Of course they want to draw you to their channel for an additional fee on your cable TV. I think the cable TV industry is pricing themselves out of business. Monthly fees continue to increase, plus more and more commercials and less TV to watch as they forget that there are many other and cheaper choices to access the same if not better TV such as Netflix. I would enjoy seeing those wonderful older movies but the cable industry is getting enough money from me each month. If anything, I will probably downsize soon if not completely detach myself from cable.

  • Debbie says:

    We’re missing two of our favorites, A Season for Miracles and The Christmas Card. Hallmark has too many new Christmas movies and are leaving out some older favorites! This is leading to us changing the channel and skipping Hallmark for our Christmas movie fix!!!

  • L. Krysiak says:

    Where is Season for Miracles?? I enjoy the older Hallmark movies!! Too many new ones every Saturday & Sunday nights! When the older ones are shown it’s after midnight! Sorry, not enjoying Hallmark Christmas movies this year!

  • Sunny Wells says:

    Why hasn’t “a Season of Miracles” aired yet?? This is the Hallmark movie we love the most. It’s got one of only a few movies with an original story line. Please bring it back!!

  • Shane says:

    I would like to see (a season for miracles) it’s what all Christmas movies should be like we need it in 2017.

  • Debbie says:

    When will “season for miracles “ be on ?
    One of the movies I watch every year !!

  • Vicki Frederick says:

    I agree with the request for A Season for Miracles in 2017. I can’t find it on the schedule this year. Please tell me it will be shown!

    • jean says:

      I can’t find it either. I love this movie; A Season for Miracles…it touches the heart. It is so current, even though it is an older movie. It is full of the stupid junk Christmas movies they have today that is so far fetch. This grabs you in and holds you till the ending. WHERE IS IT…I want to see Hallmark? What is wrong with Hallmark to not have it scheduled for 2017???? My Christmas isn’t complete without this movie!!!!!!!

    • Terri says:

      I agree, “A Season for Miracles” it’s one of the best hallmark Xmas movies, it doesn’t make sense to keep it out of the line up. I’m starting to think the hallmark channel must be in conflict with one of the actors in the movie. There has to be an reason why it gets black listed every year & barely shown.

    • Alan says:

      The one Hallmark Christmas movie that makes my Christmas is A Season for Miracles. I am disappointed that one of the classics was left off for 2017. You have giving the hype for all the new Christmas movies and the new Hallmark movie station you are trying to sell the public. If you want to sell to the public then sell all the quality we want!

  • Sherry Graves says:

    Please return a season fir miracles

  • Judy Brannum says:

    Please play a season for miracles this year 2015

  • Shelia Jenkins says:

    please add “A Season for Miracles” to your 2015 Christmas Schedule

  • Anonymous says:

    please add “A Season for Miracles” to your 2015 Christmas schedule

  • Jean Talbot says:

    I wish you would show A Season for Miracles this year. It has not been on for the last couple of years.

  • Lizzy says:

    Will lifetime be showing A season for miracles this year-have u-verse who no longer has hallmark channel.

  • Danielle says:

    This was surprisingly good! Will definitely watch it again on the 4th.

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