A Holiday Engagement (2011)

A Holiday Engagement (2011)

Movie Summary

Jilted by her high-powered fiancé just before Thanksgiving, and terrified of disappointing her demanding mother, Hillary Burns hires David, an unemployed artist to pretend to be her fiancé over the holiday weekend.

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11/01/18 – 6:00am on Hallmark Channel
11/05/18 – 4:00pm on Hallmark Channel
11/15/18 – 6:00am on Hallmark Channel
11/21/18 – 2:00am on Hallmark Channel
11/26/18 – 2:00pm on Hallmark Channel
12/19/18 – 6:00am on Hallmark Channel

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Cast Includes

Bonnie Somerville, Shelley Long, Jordan Bridges, Sam McMurray

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