The Rooftop Christmas Tree (2016)

The Rooftop Christmas Tree (2016)

Movie Summary

Every Christmas, Dale Landis fastens a tree to his roof and decorates it for the season; and every year he’s arrested for it. Determined to keep Dale out of jail, a judge orders attorney Sarah and prosecutor John to work together to defend Dale.

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12/14/19 – 9:00am on UPtv
12/24/19 – 9:00am on UPtv

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Michelle Morgan, Tim Reid, Stephen Huszar, Roger Dunn, Alison Brooks, Peter Michael Dillon, Krista Morin

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  • Overall, I guess the movie was OK. But I have a question about the ending. The supposed “solution” to the building code problem is: the two romantic leads and other people in the community, put up a structure to hold the tree even higher up on the roof. How is this still not a building code violation? It’s still attached to the roof somehow, right? what am I missing here? Thanks.

  • Johna says:

    very good movie.. not your typical love story. keep watching to see why he had a rooftop christmas tree

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